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RealEstateTube is here

Spring is here and so is RealEstateTube, a free service for finding tenants, rental homes and housemates.  We are active in 75 countries around the world, so get browsing now to be matched with the perfect rental home or housemate. The people you live with can set the tone of your life, so we have made it as easy as possible of you to meet the right ones via video. The team have worked hard to create a fresh look site, with a colourful, easy to use interface – housemate hunting no longer has to…

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Pain relief for renters:

In 2017, the property-related tech space is a very crowded dance floor, but a spate of apps seem to be hitting the right note with a very frustrated public. for example has hit 21, 000 users in 12 months – it’s one of several emerging platforms entering a space dominated by major players in an industry ripe for disruption. Why? RealEstateTube CEO Steve Makris sees it as a mass reaction to the economic climate – the current system isn’t working. “In other words, the dance floor of property tech may be…

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House sharing is no longer “just for students”

There used to be a perception that having flatmates was reserved for teens and twenty-something students. Basically, those who don’t have enough money to rent alone or buy a place. But what if we start seeing house sharing as an opportunity, rather than a last resort? Housing affordability is a headline issue in major cities all over the world, for good reason.Along Australia’s eastern seaboard, the median house price is hovering around the million-dollar mark, rent rates are skyrocketing and finding shelter is increasingly competitive.  Average salaries have not risen…

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Make spare cash by sharing a room Housemate Houseshare Latest News 

Extra money? Yes please!

We’re not joking, keep reading. What if we told you, you could make a minimum of $7,800 a year? No, not by working extra hours or by selling unwanted goods… What if we told you, you could make a minimum of $150 a week by doing nothing at all. Yep, we’re serious! Do you have a spare room? The median price to rent a bedroom in a sharehouse is $150 per week nationally. Studies have shown the average person in Australia moves out of home between the ages of 18-25….

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DIY Rental Management: the Do’s and Don’ts

Now that you know all about the benefits of managing your own rental property, there are a few things to keep in mind to reduce potential problems. Do: Be professional when dealing with your housemates. If you’re the Landlord or Lead Tenant, you can avoid being taken advantage of by keeping things professional. Make sure you follow all the legal and legislative requirements. In Victoria, the Rentright app covers most of the things both Landlords and Tenants need to know. Even better, it’s free on both iOS and Google Play!  Prepare a…

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Save money by managing your own rental Houseshare 

How you can save thousands by managing your own rental

Want to rent out a room and save on agent fees? Managing your own rental isn’t as complicated as you might think.   By renting out a room and managing it yourself you can save thousands of dollars a year. Thousands of dollars that could take years off the life of your mortgage, which means true home ownership and less interest paid.   Still not convinced? DIY property management has many benefits: You can personally screen potential tenants – rather than just a list of dull facts, you can really…

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10 unwritten rules of house sharing

Seasoned housemates know there are some things that just don’t need saying. These unwritten rules of house sharing keep the shit from hitting the fan (& housemates from murdering other housemates). Always pretend the walls are soundproof – you didn’t hear anything. Respect the housemate code of secrecy – what happens in the house stays in the house. Nobody likes a tattletale. Don’t judge their eating habits – we all know eating pizza 5 meals in a row isn’t good for us, you don’t need to point it out. You…

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tv on the beach Housemate Houseshare 

Neighbours or Home & Away?

From The Beatles and The Rolling Stones to The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones – there is always an armchair debate to be had. And one of the best has to be ‘Neighbours or Home & Away?’ Oh the tension! You can hear both theme tunes now – DON’T start singing. Your housemates do not find it endearing to wake up to that emanating from the shower room. WHEN YOU LIVED WITH PARENTS Dad always changed the channel and mum never let you eat tea in front of the telly,…

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The hunt for new housemates

HUNT EAT FIND CAVE SLEEP No listings that lie, no greasy estate agents, no people who give you the heebie-jeebies.  Remove complications and life is pretty simple. Wind back. Let’s take a look at a caveman’s guide to hunting for new housemates: Find a space you like Find people you like sharing with Move in MAN NEEDS CAVE Homosaipien was born to hunt – for meat, fish, berries, water and somebody to mate with – not for a house share. But our caveman ancestors always found the perfect abode. And I…

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The golden rule when looking for a housemate

There are hundreds of ‘rules of thumb’ when it comes to finding the right housemate – but we think there is one golden rule in particular: Allow yourself sufficient time to find the right housemate. Housemates can share the financial burden and bring fun to the party, as long as you choose carefully. You don’t want to dread going home after a hard day at work. Don’t force yourself into a cash-strapped corner you will do anything to get out of because you rushed into the first person to answer your ad! You have to…

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