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10 unwritten rules of house sharing


Seasoned housemates know there are some things that just don’t need saying. These unwritten rules of house sharing keep the shit from hitting the fan (& housemates from murdering other housemates).

  1. Always pretend the walls are soundproof – you didn’t hear anything.
  2. Respect the housemate code of secrecy – what happens in the house stays in the house. Nobody likes a tattletale.
  3. Don’t judge their eating habits – we all know eating pizza 5 meals in a row isn’t good for us, you don’t need to point it out.don't judge my food
  4. You use it, you clean it – most people don’t enjoy cleaning, but they do enjoy a nice living space. So unless you’re down with living in a dump, or taking turns cleaning up after other people, pick up your stuff and clean what you use.
  5. If your housemate’s parents are coming to visit, help them get the place into a state good enough for mum’s approval.
  6. Thou must not bring home new animals without permission. That new kitten was SO CUTE until it pooped in your housemate’s bed.
  7. Sometimes your presence is required for a Netflix binge. Cancel all plans and get binge watching
  8. All hungover housemates will be absolved of their duties for the day. Does the shower really need a clean anyway?
  9. Food is as good as cash. From trading food in the fridge to cooking dinner as a thank you, consider it an edible currency.
  10. It’s not forever – all good things must come to an end, so enjoy the awesome housemates while you can. Celebrate the strange and wonderful bond you have.when you find awesome housemates

Did we miss one? Comment with the unwritten rules that keep your sharehouse functional.

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