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Pain relief for renters:


In 2017, the property-related tech space is a very crowded dance floor, but a spate of apps seem to be hitting the right note with a very frustrated public. for example has hit 21, 000 users in 12 months – it’s one of several emerging platforms entering a space dominated by major players in an industry ripe for disruption.

Why? RealEstateTube CEO Steve Makris sees it as a mass reaction to the economic climate – the current system isn’t working.
“In other words, the dance floor of property tech may be crowded, but as more people seek solutions for the pain points of renting, the space is also getting much bigger,” he said.

The issue of housing affordability is not exclusive to buyers: renters are being priced out of the areas in which they work and applying for tenancy has become depressingly like an auction.

Last month, we saw historically low wage growth, fixing a number to what we already knew: the housing affordability crisis is not limited to buyers.


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