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Make moving easy with these simple hacks


Moving house doesn’t have to be a total drainer. Unless you can afford to pay professionals to pack, move and then unpack your stuff, these easy moving hacks can make the whole thing a bit less terrible.


Minimise the amount you have to move

Now is the time to get really honest about all of that stuff, which means not taking any useless junk into your new place. Any boxes that haven’t even been unpacked since the last move are probably full of stuff you won’t miss. Also look for any duplicates and single-purpose items – do you really need 3 ice cream scoops, or will a regular spoon do the trick? Sort your unwanted stuff into 3 piles: Sell, Donate & Trash. Get rid of it and celebrate having less to haul.




Pack an overnight bag

Make sure you have everything you’ll need for the first night in your new place by packing it in an overnight bag. After a long day of moving the last thing you’ll want to do if start unpacking boxes. Think phone charger, stuff for a shower and something to sleep in that night. Bonus points for including your toothbrush!


Wrap fragile items in clothing

All of those glasses have to be moved. And all of that clothing has to be moved. Save money on bubble wrap and get the most out of your box space by wrapping breakable items in (clean) clothing.


too many moving boxes


Make use of bags, hampers & suitcases

If you’re lugging empty bags, hampers or suitcases out of one place and into another, then you’re a chump. If it’s an easy to move container, then fill it up!


Use garbage bags to easily pack & unpack clothing

Grab some cheap garbage bags and a handful of clothing still on hangers. Then pop the hook of the hanger through the bottom of the bag and pull it down over the clothes. The bin liners keep the clothes together and help protect them. Once you arrive, just hang them up and remove the bag. Now you won’t be sifting through boxes trying to find your favourite jacket!


moving hacks



Have you moved so many times you’re practically an expert? Share you top tips.

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