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Save money by managing your own rental Houseshare 

How you can save thousands by managing your own rental


Want to rent out a room and save on agent fees? Managing your own rental isn’t as complicated as you might think.


By renting out a room and managing it yourself you can save thousands of dollars a year. Thousands of dollars that could take years off the life of your mortgage, which means true home ownership and less interest paid.


Still not convinced? DIY property management has many benefits:

  • You can personally screen potential tenants – rather than just a list of dull facts, you can really get to know them.
  • By using Real Estate Tube you can get a feel for them before meeting in person. And by uploading your own Sharehouse video, you can weed out time wasters. Find out more about How it works.
  • Save time by cutting out the go-between. There’s no back & forth between multiple people, which means less room for miscommunication and less time wasted.
  • You can also save money by cutting out the go-between. There’s no property manager or company cutting into your rental return, which means more in your back pocket.
  • It’s easy – you can find most of the forms & guidelines you’ll need online for free. Visit our Tenancy Agreements page to find information relevant to your State.
  • You can use the power of social media to do your own preliminary background checks, at no cost. A potential housemates social media activity can tell you a lot about what they’re really like. We recommend checking for Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and even a plain old Google search.


Looking for a housemate or a house? Whether you are looking for someone to fill a room, or doing the trekking all over town, interviewing future housemates is annoying. What if you could watch a video profile beforehand? Now you can at Real Estate Tube.

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Disclaimer: Real Estate Tube makes no representations to the above blog or accepts any responsibility as to the accurateness of the above information. Both tenants and Landlords should seek their own independent advice and not rely on the above information.



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