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Find The Best Housemate

If you need a flatmate that can help pay the rent, you’ve come to the right place. Creating a listing with Real estate Tube is free and easy. A bad housemate can cause a lot of problems and headaches, it definitely pays to prepare and do some research. Here are a few things you need to consider before deciding to share your residence with someone else. Initial Research Prior to inviting someone into your home, you need to do some a little research. You may, for instance, want to ask…

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Make spare cash by sharing a room Housemate Houseshare Latest News 

Extra money? Yes please!

We’re not joking, keep reading. What if we told you, you could make a minimum of $7,800 a year? No, not by working extra hours or by selling unwanted goods… What if we told you, you could make a minimum of $150 a week by doing nothing at all. Yep, we’re serious! Do you have a spare room? The median price to rent a bedroom in a sharehouse is $150 per week nationally. Studies have shown the average person in Australia moves out of home between the ages of 18-25….

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