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Extra money? Yes please!


We’re not joking, keep reading.

What if we told you, you could make a minimum of $7,800 a year?

No, not by working extra hours or by selling unwanted goods…

What if we told you, you could make a minimum of $150 a week by doing nothing at all. Yep, we’re serious!

Do you have a spare room?

The median price to rent a bedroom in a sharehouse is $150 per week nationally. Studies have shown the average person in Australia moves out of home between the ages of 18-25.

So, your kids have moved out, or your a first home owner needing help to reduce the stress of your mortgage repayments, and you’ve got an empty room in your place. Imagine if you had a housemate paying you weekly… what would you do with the extra cash?

  • A. Pay off your mortgage
  • B. Save for an overseas holiday
  • C. Buy a fancy dinner every week
  • D. Take salsa dancing classes
  • E. Buy a pet sloth
  • F. All of the above

If any of these answers seem appealing, you definitely belong on The possibilities are endless!

Don’t procrastinate any longer… Tidy up that spare room, take a quick video and upload a listing today. Plus, the life-long friendships you create are absolutely priceless.



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