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tv on the beach Housemate Houseshare 

Neighbours or Home & Away?

From The Beatles and The Rolling Stones to The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones – there is always an armchair debate to be had. And one of the best has to be ‘Neighbours or Home & Away?’ Oh the tension! You can hear both theme tunes now – DON’T start singing. Your housemates do not find it endearing to wake up to that emanating from the shower room. WHEN YOU LIVED WITH PARENTS Dad always changed the channel and mum never let you eat tea in front of the telly,…

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cat and dog Housemate Houseshare 

The hunt for new housemates

HUNT EAT FIND CAVE SLEEP No listings that lie, no greasy estate agents, no people who give you the heebie-jeebies.  Remove complications and life is pretty simple. Wind back. Let’s take a look at a caveman’s guide to hunting for new housemates: Find a space you like Find people you like sharing with Move in MAN NEEDS CAVE Homosaipien was born to hunt – for meat, fish, berries, water and somebody to mate with – not for a house share. But our caveman ancestors always found the perfect abode. And I…

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