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How RealEstateTube can help you avoid housemate horror stories

CEO Steve Makris caught up with 2UE’s Trevor Long to talk about shocking housemates and how RealEstateTube can help.   From the housemates that eat your food and steal your stuff to the ones that throw midweek parties and are always late paying rent. Most people have a housemate horror story to share (Man who died with a falafel in his hand, anyone?), but it doesn’t have to be that way. “If people have got a room to let, maybe this is the way to get it out there. And…

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Make moving easy with these simple hacks

Moving house doesn’t have to be a total drainer. Unless you can afford to pay professionals to pack, move and then unpack your stuff, these easy moving hacks can make the whole thing a bit less terrible.   Minimise the amount you have to move Now is the time to get really honest about all of that stuff, which means not taking any useless junk into your new place. Any boxes that haven’t even been unpacked since the last move are probably full of stuff you won’t miss. Also look…

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