Hi! I am Iris, possibly your next housemate :D

North Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
AUD $ 150 - 200 / week
My name is Iris Wan.
I came from Hong Kong, but has been living here in Melbourne for 5 years.
I am 22 years old and just graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in accounting this October.
Occupation has just changed from student to unemployed.
I am at the stage of looking for a full time job.
With that being said, I am working at a cafe for survival meanwhile.
Prior to this, I spent two years time studying Environmental Science and am hoping to go back and finish that degree soon in the future .
I am a nature lover and love hiking with friends.
If you are interested, contact me for a cup of coffee or something, and we can go from there :)
Available from: 17th June 2024
North Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
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