The Palace - Strathmore, Melbourne

Strathmore, VIC, Australia
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AUD $ 244 / week
Avail 01/11/21 at the latest - unfurnished bedroom- $244/wk all inclusive except food.

Room at The Palace - Top of Strathmore
This is a phenomenal opportunity for a tidy and friendly person to drop in gracefully into an established sharehouse with professional yet playful humans who live life intentionally.

Cost: $244/wk fully inclusive of:

•Netflix, Disney+, Stan, Prime Video on 75" 4k TV
•All Power, Gas, Water, Internet and other Bills
•All Major Maintenance and fortnightly cleaner for shared spaces
•Yes, even your Toilet Paper (and other Shared Consumables)
•Shared Hotdesk Office Space

We Value Being:

•Mindful and deeply interested in dealing with whatever is holding us back in life with grace & power.
•We love our daily activities to run smoothly with minimal drama and keep common spaces clean and tidy, yet occasionally host some of the best house parties in Melbourne.
•Open-minded and hearted, whilst devoted to speaking our truths.
•Conscientiously healthy, eating well and staying physically active.
•Interdependent. We all love to do our own thing but come together when it makes sense to share meals, catch up and support each other during troubling times.
•Human. Everyone falls short of their intentions sometimes, we stay aware of this to stay compassionate and vulnerable, yet committed to shifting our trajectory upwards as much as possible.

We’re so grateful to be living in an expansive home with sweet luxuries that you’d get to make full use of:
•Cinema setup Lounge Room - 75" 4K SmartTV with black leather recliner seats with obligatory cupholders.
•Living Room Fireplace - Great for evening chat sessions
•Located in a safe, quiet, high-end suburb, 8mins walk to Train station then 20mins to the city by train, 15mins to Federation Square via car.
•A hobby/game store's worth of Euro, board and card games.
•100 Mbps NBN high-speed internet.
•Lush backyard with entertaining area.
•Front balcony for sun-filled breakfasts, yoga or mediation.
•Heatable Pool and Hydro Massage pit and 4p Spa and 2p Spa... Oh, and a Bath.

About the residents:

Nadine - An early childhood educator. Orderly, gentle and high in ‘openness to experience’ on the Big Five personality test. Casual ballet dancer, training for the black belt exam: RAD Adv 2. Re-reads non-fiction books by authors including Brené Brown and Eckhart Tolle. Creator of, a podcast series about our animalistic tendency and divine capability.

Elphie - A business and intimacy mentor, game designer, chairman, author and speaker. Personally, Elphie is an enthusiast, philosophical, friendly, mindful, a strategist and an ambivert. Passions involve continual growth, ecstatic dancing, board and video gaming, and prepping for the zombie apocalypse of 2024 signalled by Kanye's election as El Presidente.

Angélica - Independent, yet caring. Angélica is a language teacher, and loves reading non-fiction articles about life and education. She takes any opportunity to travel and explore the world. Always open to learning from other free souls’ perspectives and her own professional and personal development. Mediterranean food and real chat are the key to her heart.

If you feel you would synergise here then we want to meet you! If you're looking for a temporary stay or know of someone else who'd be a great potential fit, we’d still love to hear from you.

Wishing you much peace & success,
The Palace.
Available from: 31st May 2024
Lease Duration: 2 months
Property type: House
Strathmore, VIC, Australia
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