Broadmeadows Food Packing & Processing for Sale

Broadmeadows, VIC, Australia
A successful business for over 15 years and over 7 years in current facility. Major supplier for big Australian companies such as Woolworths, Aldi, Coles and major airlines Qantas and Singapore Airlines.
World class factory fit out with highest food handling and processing standards

Factory features:
- Rear access for semi-trailer unloading bays.
- Approx. 4,000 sqm for production facility
- Approx. 6,700 sqm of building area
- Over 12,000 sqm of land size including parking front and back
- Capacity to do 45-50million in turnover.
- Fit out for any type of food product
Available from: 31st May 2024
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Broadmeadows, VIC, Australia
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