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Richmond, Victoria 3121, Australia
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AUD $ 110 / week
korean are welcome, prefer good people who are neat and not aggressive. female is prefer because male is aggressive and will over power me or others.","I am a great guy, who is young with a great personality. Who play tennis, love life and watch tv. so its a privilege that you get to share this apartment with me, to be my friend or as lover.","You get to sleep in a deacent bedroom size with queen size latex matress and good queen size bed frame.","So call me if you want to stay in my apartment with me.","it is a newly built the whole apartment with alot space for a inner city apartment in melbourne. have 5 spot left for girl","bill is only $10 per week","bond is only one week rent :)","no trouble maker, only good people
Available from: 31st May 2024
Lease Duration: 1 week
Property type: Room
Richmond, Victoria 3121, Australia
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